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Adj: describing a boring, annoying, not fun or stupid situation; something gay; something that sucks; etc.

Verb: the act of doing something really boring or gay.
Jim: "Hey Bob, what did you do last night?"
Bob: "Oh I had to go to this cancer benefit with this girl I'm trying to nail. It was such kissin' dudes.

Fred: "Why weren't you at the party last night?"
Anthony: "I was kissin' dudes with my girlfriend and her parents instead. It sucked mad hard!"
by Aballs April 29, 2011
1. the feeling you get when u have a boner. and its wet.
2. making a phenomonal basketball/trash can shot.
3. The Trillest
Ahhh dude, i was getting mad ferissus when that bitch i hate fell down the stairs.
by Aballs December 21, 2010

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