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3 definitions by Aaronnnn

The act of being muffphobic, being scared of a girls vagina for any given reason.
"Muffphobia is the reason you wont do her man"

"Get outa here with that Muffphobia shit and just do her"

" wont talk to her because you have....Muffphobia?
by Aaronnnn February 18, 2009
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Someone who is scared of the pussy, of the muff.
"Bobby don't be such a muffphobic, it's just a vagina".

"Being a muffphobic won't ever get ya any"

"Your not gay, your just Muffphobic
by Aaronnnn February 18, 2009
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The act of a strait person acting totally gay, or just being stupid and dumb as shit. A easy way to tell your friend that they are acting gay as shit in public without it being obvious.
"Man, that was very Squidus the way you just looked at my package"

"Don't be so Squidus, your embarassing yourself"

"Stop walking like that, its the most fucking squidusway to walk"
by Aaronnnn February 18, 2009
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