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Chavs are the scum of the earth, the lowest social class. They are a bunch of immature anti-social twats who have nothing better to do than try and appear hard using the following methods:

*Wearing big thick (fake) gold chains around their necks, usually out side of their shirt.
*Burberry.. enough said
*Wearing hoodies and caps so that people and (more importantly) security cameras cannot see their ugly faces.
*They vandalize and graffiti walls and cars.
*They start fights on anyone different to them, but only if they are in a large group, a lone chav will always back down and run off to get his big brother if he finds himself confronted 1 on 1.
*They sit on street corners smoking and drinking cheap cider and shouting at people and smashing beer bottles on the pavement (if they were able to steal their dads Stella).
*They are so stupid that the stereotype anyone who hates them as an emo, chavs have a blind hatred for emos because of the way they dress. This is because chavs are to fucking retarded to figure out that people dont hate them for what they wear, while they do look ridiculous, chavs are mainly hated for being thugs and vandals rather than what they wear. Unlike chavs, emos dont do anything wrong but chavs just like to make themselves feel as if they are superior to someone. Chavs also hate rockers/moshers but dont start fights with them because they would get the shit kicked out of them.


They buy a shitty car and spend loads of money modifying it to the point that they could have just bought a decent car for the same money.
Common chav cars include: Fiesta,Escort, Corsa,Nova,106,306,AX,Saxo.
Common modifications to cars include:
Rear lexus lights, big exhausts, spoilers, body kits, big alloys and the essential:
STEREO/SPEAKER SYSTEM, this usual consists of a cheap CD player, 2 6x9 speakers (4 if they managed to rob enough money from Spar) and a crappy sub that blasts out distorted drum nd bass beats as they drive past. (if you can hear it over the horrible noise from their massive exhaust).

*Dumb ugly bitches who get pregnant before they even reach 16. They will raise a baby at about 17 and as a result the baby will become another chav contributing noting to society.
*They think they can get away with anything because they use their boyfriends as a threat to boss people around even tho their boyfriend is some pussy chav who isn't going to do shit.

Chavs in society:

*Chavs are frowned upon by every other social group, and they are the only social group to hate other social groups because they are to thick to understand why they are hated.
*Female chavs are always getting pregnant and neglecting their children resulting in the spreading of the chav population.
*Chavs are the most hated group of people in Europe.

Chavs and the law:

*Killing chavs is not against the law because scientists have discovered that a chavs IQ is to low for it to be a living being.
*Fortunately this does not stop police from putting ASBOs on them and even sending their asses to prison.

Chav status:
A chavs status in the group depends on the following factors:

How many ASBOs they have had
How many emos they have beaten up
How many older brothers they have
Bonus points if their older brothers are in the army
How old their older brothers are
How many times hey have gotten their 14 year old girlfriend pregnant.
How much money they have spent on modifying their car
How loud their car stereo is (reguardless of the horrible distortion)
How many different kinds of drugs they have done, higher points for higher class drugs.

You have to smoke
You have to have a shit car
You need to have beaten someone up or had ur brother beat someone up.
You need "bling"
A taste for hip-hop and hardcore is a must.
You have to wear hoodies and baseball caps, burberry
material is preferred
You have to hate emos
chav:"Oi what u lookin at u fockin mosher?!!"


chav:"yeh thats it, jog on u fockin prik"

*mosher goes to confront chav*
*chav runs to get big brother*
by AaronBenedetti April 21, 2008

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As well as meaning somebody who has not yet had sex it can also be used as another term for "geeky" or something of the sort.
Guy 1: Hey look at my World Of Warcraft account, i have a level 70 warlock with a set of gold items.

Guy2: That's so virgin....
by AaronBenedetti May 02, 2008

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