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396 definitions by AYB

Used to be a great kid's channel right up until the mid 1990s. After that, I don't even want to mention it at all because it's chock full of poorly-drawn, vomit-inducing "cartoons" with no plot, a bastardization of Ren and Stimpy, some crappy Disney-like sitcoms, and it's becoming more and more like MTV (since it's owned by the same corporation that owns MTV anyway).
I remember the good old days of watching my favorite morning shows on Nickelodeon.
by AYB June 20, 2003
One who is religiously devoted to an ideal, cause, object, person, or culture. Typically to an extreme.
Zealots are also found in the modern day world. For instance, there are nerds, Linux users, anime fanatics, Vegetarians, teenyboppers, Republicans, Democrats, and Amway salesmen.
by AYB April 06, 2003
Graphical User Interface.

A visual display of files, programs, and program directories designed to make it easier for a person to use a computer.
Microsoft Windows has an easy-to use GUI.
by AYB April 04, 2003
Ebonics for wing.
I hopped over to KFC to get me some chicken wangs.
by AYB February 20, 2003
Slang term for a ripoff ot the act of ripping off somebody.
A person who is good at scamming others is called a con artist.
by AYB June 23, 2003
Can also mead "Heads-Up Display" for 3D simulation-type games. It displays vehicle status, damage reports, a radar system, and mission objectives.
First-person combat-simulation games like the Battletech MechWarrior series use a HUD system.
by AYB April 01, 2003
The cage which houses monkeys and snakes. See political party.
by AYB April 27, 2003