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3 definitions by AY from the NJ

when you are about to peace but you aren't finished with your conversation yet, so you shout "hollatchaboy" to let him know to hit up the cell piece
guy 1: yo i gotta break this gargantuan cardboard cut out in half so i gotta roll
guy 2: hollatchaboy when you're done
guy 1: pc stu
by AY from the NJ May 08, 2005
18 12
when you have beat street ass dining hours at college and you get hungry at midnight so you scam p-romeo's into taking dominos' 5-5-5 3 medium 1 topping pizza deals and you split it with 2 other stu's for 6 bucks a peice
guy 1: yo, za's is closed what should we do?
guy 2: yo 5-5-5
guy 3: aight.
by AY from the NJ May 08, 2005
16 34
throwin' a bitch fit typical of those with long island origin
guy 1: yo stunad let me cop your p-set
guy 2: hell no BRRRRRRRRRRR
guy 1: stop throwing a long island bitch fit
by AY from the NJ May 05, 2005
19 49