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A normal white person, someone who gets straight Bs, plays video games and is NOT a wapanese. Some Normal Americans has strict parents and some do not. Their favorite snack include Pringles. Most Normal American children watch Spongebob and teenage Normal Americans watch MTV or TeenNick. Normal Americans make great friends and live a normal life.

An example of a Normal American's Schedule:

Ages 0-9: Have Fun

Ages 10-18: Go to school and have fun with my friends.

Ages: 19-24: Collage

Ages: 25-59: Get married and get a job

Ages: 60+: Get retired, play bingo, and die.
"I glad my child is a Normal American , and not a weeaboo.
by AVietnamese May 18, 2009
A clone of rice with sticky residue all over it.

"Hey what are you hooked on?"
"Rice Crispie Treats"
by AVietnamese August 05, 2009
The strongest water type move in the game "Pokemon" Hydro Cannon (Japanese: ハイドロノン Hydro Cannon) is a damage-dealing Water-type move introduced in Generation III. Hydro Cannon inflicts damage and then forces the user to recharge during the next turn. Unless this attack misses, the user will always have to recharge. Only the water-type Pokemon starters are able to use it, including Smeargle. It's a special attack, it's power point is 5 (max is 8), and it's accuracy is 90%.

If it misses:

* Does not make contact

* Affected by Protect

* Not affected by Magic Coat

* Not affected by Snatch

* Affected by BrightPowder

* Affected by King's Rock

It may affect anyone but the user.
Mom says:

"No you cannot teach Hydro Cannon to yourself."
by AVietnamese May 19, 2009
Also known as the new version of the Mighty Awesome Rick Roll.
"Damn, I got RickRawked. Why don't you search Rick Rawked on YouTube and Rick Rawk your friends?"
by AVietnamese May 19, 2009
The belief in the Urban Dictionary instead of the Bible or any other such books.
Person1: I'm Hindu

Person2: Oh yeah, well I believe in Urbandictionaryism
by AVietnamese December 10, 2009

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