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4 definitions by AVJesus

Aymeric is the name of an absolute boss-like figure that has attained an unparalleled level of hilarity while balancing a smoldering seduction. While no concrete extrapolations may be made on his endowment, it has been rumored that any Aymeric is bestowed with an impressive manhood. In one sentence, Aymeric is a funny, disarming gentleman with a huge penis.
world: Wow, Aymeric is awesome.

male admirer: I wish my parents named me Aymeric, maybe then I wouldn't be such a failure.

every female: Every time I see Aymeric, my panties resemble the Amazon Rain Forest.
by AVJesus October 31, 2011
When one's level of insobriety becomes such that he or she believes that they are in their own "special place". In such a situation, they are said to be visiting "Wizconsin". In this state, people feel as if they are in a Wiz Khalifa video, and they embrace their insobriety (see "Taylor Gang" video by Wiz Khalifa). This is the place where someone goes when they are "Wizsane" or when they believe that they are a "WIZard".
Dude, he brought so much greenery that you could say he booked us a first class ticket to Wizconsin.
by AVJesus April 25, 2011
Dafy is the quality of something being a dope ass mothafucka (daf). This can apply to wide range of nouns and objects. For instance, the President, a car, or even an idea for an invention can be "dafy".
"We went to the mall looking for fly swag and came out with some seriously dafy shit."

Potential female sex partner: "Wow, see Aymeric over there; he's dafy!"

P. Diddy: "Oh this song right here is DAFY!"
by AVJesus November 28, 2011
When one has reached a level of insobriety that they can no longer control themselves or be expected to perform any reasonable human action (e.g. exercise bladder control, regulate speech volume, and/or maintain proper etiquette). This state is inspired by the levels of insobriety shown by Wiz Khalifa (see "Taylor Gang" video by Wiz Khalifa).
He just walked into a wall and can't stop yelling. He has definitely gone Wizsane. But watch, he'll be kneeling in the bathroom in ten minutes chanting to the porcelain gods.
by AVJesus April 25, 2011