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To wrap a note of choice round your manhood and have a tramp remove it with his mouth comitting begger sex
Had a spare fiver in my pocket and got the urge on the way home from the pub felt like a bit of begger sex
by AVIT March 09, 2007
an amazing person. good at everything. very caring and loyal. understanding and a good listener. can predict the future and the person who has her as a friend..quite literally.. is the luckiest person alive.
Chace: who is that amazingly awesome person?
Robert : Oh that is Tajkiya!
by Avit May 08, 2013
annoying, fugly, awful thing with smelly feet. the amount of hair that covers its body is amazingly surprising. amar somewhat resembles a chubaka. a native bosnian species.. amar can be very disgusting at times. it bites!
TJ : ewww, what is that god awful thing?

J Al: :O an amar! i am sure going to have nightmares !
by Avit May 08, 2013

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