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-slang for a near-retarded sports commentator

-Mary Carillo makes a living through ad hoc comments that stupid people love

-NBC does everything it can to make sure she doesn't come into contact with other commentators because they all hate her (and her rancid pussy probably stinks up the set, too)

-Mary Carillo makes comments that delight and intrigue the dregs of society
Mary Carillo is a cheap, nasty whore.
by ATennisFan February 28, 2010
That place north of the United States that the world often forgets exists.
What's that place above the US called again? Oh yeah....CANADA!
by ATennisFan February 28, 2010
Somebody who knows nothing about tennis other than their obsequious love for Venus and/or Serena Williams.

Venuts are incapable of rational discussion about anything having to do with either Venus or Serena Williams.

Ironically, Venuts loathe real tennis fans who recognize and applaud the accomplishments of Venus and Serena, but don't deify them.
Venuts make real fans of Venus and Serena look bad.
by ATennisFan February 28, 2010

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