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v. inculated, inculating, inculates

1. To engage in anal sex, especially to give it.

2. To insert something in one's anus.

3. (vulgar) To anally rape.

n. inculation

1. Anal sex.

adj. inculatory

1. Pertaining to, or being characterised by anal sex.

-Derived from the French "enculer," (to have anal sex with), from the root -cul-, a passage with access only at one end.
"It is a bad idea to inculate a person with severe diarrhoea."

"To avoid severe discomfort, internal haemorrhage, chafing, and infection, be sure to use lubricant and condoms during inculation."

"The sex that takes place in prisons is primarily inculatory."
by ATK July 25, 2005

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