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Thirteen stands for M, the thirteenth letter of the alphabet. M is for Mexican Mafia. Any real Mexican gang that lives in S. California starding from Bakersfield and down all the way to San Diego should be affiliated with 13.
Mexican Gangster: Hey homie you bang!
Some fake gangster: No I dont please dont kill me!
by ASESSINO April 11, 2004
In spanish it's what you get high with. Mota
I got the yesca, roll it up and just blaze it!
by ASESSINO January 30, 2004
1.The southern part of California and other states inhabited by Surenos.
2. 13
Some Surenos encountered a Norteno and blasted his ass!
by ASESSINO January 30, 2004
Any bitchass marika affiliated with XIV.
"Shit happens muthafucker
Shouldn't haved rolled in the South
Now your dead lil Chap
Time to piss in your mouth
Just remember where your at
Killa Kali your done
Its big bad Sureno Gs
Southside number ONE!"
by ASESSINO March 02, 2004
1.Short for La M or eme.
2.The Mexican Mafia.
La M has spread to many states.
by ASESSINO January 30, 2004
The plumber from all the nintendo games that have Mario in the title. Mario saves the Princess all the time from that fat fuck Bowser. After saving the Princess Mario gets the urge to bone the Princess but little does the know Bowser and all his minions have busted a train on her ass!
Mario: Ma Ma Mia! Why are u walking that way?
Princess Peach: I cant remember just know I'm fukin sore!
by ASESSINO April 29, 2004
Mexican slang for a fairly large penis like the one I bear.
Hoe: Ay Papi que Pitote tienes. Metemelo por atras!
Guy: Lo que tu quieras Mami!
by ASESSINO February 02, 2004

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