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19 definitions by ART

pr0 cs player
This guy plays with over 100 ping sometimes and still he manages to control the way and amount of people he kills. By far one of the 10 ten players in the world (top 2 UK)
by ArT July 24, 2003
Racist term for an Indian man.
Don't go out by yourself , skarly the Apu neh-neh catch you then you know!
(from Talkingcock
by Art April 18, 2005
A male or a female that acts like he knows you but really backstabs you at the end
"Fuck bro my own friend dis me"
by Art June 03, 2004
A womens Vagina
(Pussy, Cunt,)
Also a pastry eaten in Mexico.
That a nice Bollo.
I am gonna buy some bollo at the Bakery
by ART July 07, 2003
Skater hippies that are also usually trippies
In Boulder Colorado the damn skippies think they can really skate.
by Art November 03, 2004