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The center lane in a street or highway where vehicles going in either direction can use this lane only to make left hand turns.
There was a head-on collision in the no-man's-lane of Route 63.
by APatcher September 17, 2003
A side effect experienced from dextromethorphan DXM abuse in which the person using it has slower reflexes and reaction time -- Also see dexter and robotrip
The cause of the accident was a dexter delay.
by APatcher September 17, 2003
A man who appears to ignore gender and sexual preference stereotypes in order to present his style and/or to allow for himself to be more practical according to his enviornment.
Steve carries a "man-bag" bacause he is a metrosexual.
by APatcher February 20, 2004
A purse with a strap worn by a man, often carried by someone who is a metrosexual
Steve forgot his manbag with all his credit cards and personal belongings.
by APatcher February 20, 2004
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