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An early black metal band. Said to have created the genre, inspired Kirk Hammet, Dave Mustaine and other kick ass Metal Guitarists.
Venom totaly Kicks ass!
by ANTHRAXVIRIS April 13, 2005
Thrash Band formed in 1982. Just as influencial in the metal world as Metallica, Slayer or Megadeth.
Good songs include:
Tempo of the Damned
A Lesson in Violence
Toxic Waltz
Exodus Kicks major ass!
by ANTHRAXVIRIS April 13, 2005
Yet another thrash band. This all German quartet sings mainly about beer, liquor, and wine.
Damn, tankard has a wierd sound.
by ANTHRAXVIRIS April 13, 2005
A crust band that creates music that political that has a "RRRRRAAAAAOOOOOORRRRR" vocalist./
Ausrotten is crusty.
by ANTHRAXVIRIS April 13, 2005
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