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179 definitions by AMY

A Knife + A Spoon = Knifoon

It scoops like a spoon but cutss like a knife. Be careful with soup as cuts on the mouth may occur.
An example is completely unneccessary.
by Amy January 21, 2004
To have the shiz... it's a quality, a power, a kind of cool that you get out of nowhere. Also see dodeca-shiznicity.
I got the shiznicity here, beating the shiz outta Ian at Tetris.
by Amy February 21, 2004
Someone who involitarily acts like an asswipe
You fuckin' Jackfucker!!!
- see asswipe
by Amy December 12, 2003
to wine and dine a woman, tell her lies, etc. to get her into bed. (Comes from the Scott Peterson case in reference to his mistress Amber Frey. Fresno is her hometown.)
Man! I pulled a full Fresno on her!
by Amy January 02, 2005
the most awesome girl ever... fluent in the franglais that we all know and love... sandWICHE?? just add that little E at the end and kabam. haha you've got french! je t'aimerais!
shauntae voudrais un sandwiche? mais oui, les sandwiches sont tres bons!
by Amy December 16, 2004
Able to function after a long night of partying.
I have to be functionable at 6 am!
by Amy December 19, 2003
These people are people who think they are hardcore gangsters yet they dress is exco, and pjs pants, sometimes cheap fake bling, they usually have the slang of a gangster, they think they are hardcore, and very tough, yet they are posers, dirrty, and probably grew up in an average neighbourhood, they try to fit in by dressing the part of a gangtser.
Scomies are custy, dirrty, gangster wannabes
by Amy June 15, 2006