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If theres so many problems here in the USA why doesnt he fix them? People constantly complain and complain about things like gas and all that other junk. Cant he see theres problems here? Shouldnt he put the US before helping iraq? (Not saying that he shouldn't help them). You take presidency to better YOUR country. If they did have nuclear weapons they would have used them ALONG TIME AGO.
Hey lets go look for "nuculer" devices that dont really exist, and in the process forget about the economy. U no wat else? lets put armor on our limosines n cars to protect us INSTEAD of our soldiers who search for scrap metal to use as armor on their vehicles. Help education? yah rite why do some people have to pass a test lets say -Washington has to do a 200-400 test to graduate HS when some fag from texas takes a 10-25 question test
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