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A frightening ghost usually associated with the prison of Alcatraz. He wears chains and drives the Rapemobile. He is known for his raping skills and the 30 minute or less delivery time of Big Buckets O' Rape. He is featured on a made-up episode of Survivng Disaster in a parodic manor.
He also has a MySpace account so add him.
Small Child: look at that van up ahead
by ALKALINEOVERDOSE August 03, 2010
The compilation of the words Pwnage Kabob Kalishnikov & Rape, often put in random conversations to start a new one. Also, to express a level of ownage, or being owned, in a level beyond pwnage,rape,kalishnikov, and kabob.
Thanks, I bet he feels Pwnakabobkalisnaraped
by ALKALINEOVERDOSE August 14, 2010
The OMG Effect happens when something seemingly impossible happens. Or a extremely hilarious joke is told and someone yells OMG.
Boy 1: This sucks
Boy 2: So does your mom
Everyone else around: OMG!!! BURNNN
Everyone in the room just experienced The OMG Effect.
by ALKALINEOVERDOSE August 01, 2010

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