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a guy that tried his hand at painting was rejected and then declared war on the world brought down pretty much all of europe under his rule until he got too greedy and tried to fight a war on two fronts killed millions of jews just for the lulz and couldnt face the consequences of being a dick so he shot himself supposedly because there are many claims of him being in chile or argentina!
me:hey how was your vacation in chile?
friend:awesome its such a beautiful country with great mountains,food,women and i met adolf hitler!
me:sounds great....wait what?
by ALIENSnMONSTERS November 03, 2009
the most beautiful japanese sports car can make great numbers with few mods and has a nearly bulletproof engine if you own one don,t ever sell it EVER!
an 1984 300zx will outlast your 2009 toyota yaris!

i sold my old 300zx one day, saddest mistake ever!

don't you sell your 300zx you have been warned!
by ALIENSnMONSTERS November 03, 2009
a reliable cheap car that actually gets you from point A to point B looks good stock and is not a bad car at all but for some reason idiots think its a race car and put huge spoilers ridiculous exhaust mods and funky stickers that could read "i fuck goats when im not fucking my mom" for all they care!
girl:call the national guard were under attack again i just saw a jet heading towards a building!

guy:relax its just a riced civic!

girl:really? thats a car? how ridiculous!

guy:that poor car what did it ever do?
by ALIENSnMONSTERS November 03, 2009
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