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A lame excuse for abstaining from sex
"He was hot, and I really wanted to hit the sheets with him. But I couldn't, because I'm, you know, religious."
by Alexandra July 27, 2004
Phrase used to conceal one's true destination, especially in response to an awkward question. Is commonly used in Britain when one is headed to the toilet. See also going to see a man about a dog
"Are you and your wife coming out tonight?" "Uhhhh, I need to see a man about a dog."

"How come you're leaving the table?" "I need to see a man about a dog."
by Alexandra July 29, 2004
Sex (thinly veiled euphemism for)
"Would you care to come upstairs for a nightcap?"

Translation: "Am I getting laid tonight or not, lady?"
by Alexandra August 16, 2004
Thick and curvacious.
Wow thatgurl is juicy.
by ALEXANDRA April 18, 2004
quitting time at work
Hey, it's beer o'clock! What is everyone still doing in the office?
by Alexandra August 19, 2004
To have sex with someone. See also beddable
"There's no doubt he'll bed her tonight."
by Alexandra July 28, 2004
A lunchbreak comprised entirely of alcoholic beverages, and no food.
"With all the lay-offs that morning, it was rough. I hit the bar around the corner for a liquid lunch mid-day."
by Alexandra July 27, 2004

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