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6 definitions by AL-en Demp-C

A pint of guiness is a black man with white hair
Bar Man: What can i get you sir?
Man: A pint of guiness please
Bar Man: One moment please
(bar man brings out a black man with white hair)
Bar Man: There you go sir
Man: Thank you
by AL-en Demp-C November 11, 2010
The anal back doors of a homosexual
AL-en; "HELLO Failure Schon!"

*Failure Schon falls over when trying to speak*

AL-en; "Oh, for fucks sake, you pathetic little worthless shite bag. You know what? I've had enough of you failing at everything! You can't even be raped properly as isntead of shouting 'NO!' you say 'YES!" you tool. You know what? I'm going to pop my todge in your Sleuth Gate!"
by AL-en Demp-C November 09, 2010
The broth released when a cock is boiled at 1000000 degrees in a water bath.
Get your cock broth out of the water bath when ready to apply over the tender pieces of sleuth gate.
by AL-en Demp-C November 11, 2010
An indian salesman, most of them habituate in the north of England predominantly on the corners of streets in paper shops and are called Ally.
Ally baba and the 40 theives. they comunicate in bud bud bing bing £2.99.
by AL-en Demp-C November 11, 2010
When one goes to Africa, rapes then kills a dirty, useless, stinky blacman (or woman) (or child) (or a peice of shit laying on the floor) and places it inside a lovely buttered slice of bread.
AL-en; "I fancy a beef burger. Go to McDonalds and buy me one, Failure Schon!"

*fourteen days later*

*Failure throws a black man on the floor*

AL-en; "What the shit?! I asked for a beef burger, not a coon burger you cunt!"

*AL-en rapes Failure til his arse turns to the same colour as Liverpool FC's home kit*

by AL-en Demp-C November 09, 2010
A paki bastard with gold teeth
AL-en; 'hello, schon would you like some chocolate?

Rat Schon; Yes please daddy, i would like a crunchy

AL-en; What the fuck schon???!!?:@ Why would anybody want to get a paki with gold teeth and shove it in their cake hole? You dissapoint me you little shit! Now bend over and prepare to have your arse raped harder than jesus!

*Schon bends over*
by AL-en Demp-C November 09, 2010