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A titfuck blowjob is a combination of the two words in the word. The guy places his penis between the girls boobs and the girl squeezes them together. Then, the guy moves his dick up and down the girl's chest between her breasts and when it gets close to the girl's mouth, she sucks it. When the guy is ready to blow a load, the girl stops squeezing her boobs together and the guy pulls his dick out. Then, as if he were getting a blowjob or titfucking, he blows his load all over the girl's face and chest.
Dude. My girlfriend and I had a titfuck blowjob marathon all night!
by AJAW July 14, 2004
A form of entertainment which, although it is predetermined, takes just as much athleticism as any other sport. Come on! Do you think someone could fake jumping off a turnbuckle while corkscrewing and flipping?
"Dude. Pro wrestling is not completely fake."
by AJAW December 31, 2004
The full name of Bender.
"Your middle name is Bending?"

"Of course it is. My name is Bender Bending Rodriguez."
by AJAW October 11, 2004
The theory that every ugly chick has an extremely hot friend. You have to be nice to said ugly chick to get to the hot friend.
"Dammit! There's only ugly chicks here!"

"Dude, don't worry. Remember the Ugly Chick Theory!"

by AJAW October 01, 2004
One of The Who's greatest songs. Up there with Who Are You, Baba O'Riley, Won't Get Fooled Again, Pinball Wizard and all the others.
Eminence Front is beyond amazing. Anyone who likes The Who needs to have it in their collection.
by AJAW September 25, 2005
A sexual act performed when a man places his penis between the breasts of his partner, and using the hole between the breasts, thrusts his penis back and forth until climax and ejaculation. The resulting semen that often lands on the chest, neck and chin of the female is often referred to as a pearl necklace. Also known as titfucking.
Mammary intercourse can be combined with fellatio to perform a titfuck blowjob.
by AJAW February 18, 2005
It was actually French Stewart who wagered $texas. Burt Reynolds wrote nothing down.
"And you wagered Texas with a dollar sign. I'm speechless."
by AJAW August 03, 2004

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