125 definitions by AJ

An unwanted wandering hand.
His goonhand was all over me. I told him, not until we're married.
by AJ April 29, 2004
A Sniff drug That is most exelent snifige dawgg.
Sniff this shit Dillon!
by Aj April 28, 2003
Verb. To hit or be hit.
Did you see that cop potato that protesters head with his club?
by AJ March 30, 2005
A euphemistic term for a hand-held shower massage is a single woman’s shower stall.
"Damn, she's so ugly that the only man that will have sex with her is aquaman."
by AJ May 26, 2004
This skin between your anus and scrotum/vagina. Also known as a taint.
If I wipe from back to front, I get a little chocolate on my choata.
by AJ March 08, 2004
fat ass mother fucker that plays video games and likes white fat girls that are younger than him and sucks alot of dick!!!! Holla and he lives in florida
AKA John
by Aj December 27, 2003
-Two double cheeseburgers off the dollar menu at Mc Donalds and a Strawberry milkshake
"Yo you Burns ass bitch! don't flip a nip we are going to get two double doggies and a nipshake now.
by AJ November 30, 2004

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