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The act of shoving your fist in ones ass hole, then ripping it out as fast as possible causing a parade of matter to extract from the person's rectum. All this is happens while you wear the finest Italian knitting.
While Raul was eating his spaghetti he was given a "New Jersey Plunger" by his more distinguished brother Ted
by AJ&KEVIN November 04, 2010
the act of two mixed martial art fighters grappling each other, when suddenly one loses control of their bladder and pisses all over the other fighter.
The 3 time NCAA wrestling champion was disqualified from the match when he accidentally preformed a "Seattle Mishap" on his opponent.
by AJ&KEVIN November 05, 2010
one who lies naked on a sidewalk and is continuously trampled by naked african warlords
Nicole Brown was give a "New York Sidewalk" by OJ Simpson
by AJ&KEVIN October 31, 2010
A sore one gets when he forgets to wipe his anus and then precedes to participate in athletic activities. The sore is generally very rashed and dirty. While the only cure being human saliva, one must physically eat his own Kentucky Canker sore out of his asshole or ask a friend/relative for assistance.
When Fred couldn't bare his "Kentucky Canker Sore" anymore he just decided to call up his buddy Tim.
by AJ&KEVIN November 05, 2010
When to white men ejaculate on the chest and back of a black woman, then one lays underneath her and the other on top. Resembling a philly cheese steak
After Tom ate Fred's "Kentucky Caner Sore" out of his asshole they decided to preform a Philadelphia Sandwich on there good friend, Bon' Qui Qui
by AJ&KEVIN November 05, 2010

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