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a friend with benefits, someone you have sex with but aren't in a relationship with.
He's my favorite palentine, but we're just friends.
by AE Joseph November 13, 2006
a young attractive teen lesbian, like those portrayed on "South of Nowhere" on the N.
She's a tesbian now, but last year she dated the best looking guy in the sophomore class.
by AE Joseph November 13, 2006
any pill taken for male sexual enhancement.
After that dose of bedicine, Henry can go all night.
by AE Joseph November 13, 2006
An out-ot-work adult actor who once played a child nerd character on television or in the movies.
That dude from "Saved By the Bell" is such a spaz-been.
by AE Joseph November 13, 2006
Noun: a cultural event that is advertised as a spectacular that turns out to be either an artistic or commercial failure or both.
That new Godzilla movie was a huge drecktacular!
by AE Joseph October 25, 2006
a customer that spends so long in a store or restaurant that they begin to "rust."
These nasty rustomers won't leave, even though closing time was a half-hour ago.
by AE Joseph November 13, 2006
A really bad menstrual period where the woman is constantly on an emotional edge and any little thing will set her to wailing.
I'm so upset by your dumping me that I'm on the crimson cryway.
by AE Joseph November 13, 2006

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