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When people openly have cyber sex on twitter, not in the DM's (Direct Messages)
@DouchebagGuy: oh @HotChick I wanna feel your monkey sauce all over me
@HotChick: oh yes @DouchebagGuy you feel so good inside of me *moans*

This is a man and women engaging in Tweetsex
by AD88 December 17, 2012
A slut who wears just about no clothes, she sleeps with as many guys as she can and got herpes in 7th grade
Jared: oh my god dude look over there
Zac: oh gross it's Kitt
Jared: ya she gave Quincy herpes!
Zac: no way!
Jared: yup! I was smoking a bowl with him the other day and he told me!
by AD88 December 18, 2012
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