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A douchebag king can only be appointed by a group(3 or more people) who know the said douchebag king longer than one evening. One douchebaggy act cannot nominate one to be a douchebag king, only a lifetime of douchebaggery can elevate one to this status.
My old garage cabinet boss went around telling people he was sleeping with my girlfriend for six months when he hadn't, so I told his wife, who took his kids, his house, and all his savings, thereby elevating him to the rank of douchebag king to oversee all of california.
by ACustomGarage September 23, 2009
Like anarchy is without government rule, honarchy is without honor. Pronounced Honor-key
My old boss was voted douchebag king by an indepentent survey in local socal cities due to his complete honorchy.
by ACustomGarage September 23, 2009

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