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Falling Asleep At the Keyboard
I have to go to bed before I FAAK.
by acolyte October 29, 2004
An extended profanity usually lasting 2 or 3 seconds at volume. What you shout out after telling someone you love them and they don't reciprocate.
Dave "I Love You"
Girl "That's nice, thank you."

....later that evening....

Friend "you alright Dave?"
Dave "Faak!!!!!!!" (excessive volume)
by Dave Stephens August 17, 2006
a Belfast Terminoligy - akin to Fuck, but used in the phrase or as commonly locally spelt(FRASE) FAAK
"Faak aff ya we bollox"

or and also, "I'll Knack Yur Faak in ya Cant Ye!"

can also be used in the plural sense of the meaning " yu's are a pack of Fakker's and i will Fakk ya's all, ye cont's ye's!"
by shaftshagnasty November 15, 2006
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