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1) A ball juggler

2) A German family from the late 1700s

3) An extermemly annoying person. (can also be used with definition #1)
1) Chris was being such a doub today at gym.

2) We learned about the Doubs in school today.

3) Chris wouldn't stop yelling and acting hyper today, therefore, he is a doub.

Can also be used in the plural sense:
Chris and Adam were being doubs today.

(Chris and Adam are 2 common names and should not be associated with any real-life counterparts)
by AC/DC 4 Life March 22, 2009
Something really boring and un-fun that is usually hyped up or over-hyped, but is a huge disappointment. Also when everyone hates something, but the creator loves it.
Too Human was one of Hobbs' Halo maps.
by AC/DC 4 Life March 21, 2009
A phrase used to tell someone to stop being crazy, annonying, or hyperactive.
Chis, put the Frosted Cheerios down.
by AC/DC 4 Life March 21, 2009
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