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Another word for Engrish, Shitglish is simply very bad or shit English (hence the name, Shitglish.) It is usually the result of a non-English speaker trying to communicate with an English speaker by using a translator to translate their language into English sometimes resulting in grammar that is so bad an English person can't make heads or tails of what the non-English speaker is trying to say.
Non-English Speaker: Did you made mission?
English Speaker: Wtf are you saying?
Non-English Speaker: Did already you made the mission?
English Speaker: No
Non-English Speaker: You did already not make the mission :(
English Speaker: Can I talk to someone who I can understand, I don't understand you
Non-English Speaker: But I speak the English
English Speaker: No you're speaking in Shitglish
by A15kk July 31, 2013
Another name for a stalker, or someone watching someone.

Usually used when someone is watching someone else. (Such as if they suspect them of cheating on them for exmaple.)
Person 1: Hey I hear your girlfriend has been seeing another girl.

Person 2: Tell her she going to have a second shadow from now on
by A15kk February 23, 2013
Another way of saying "I don't care."

Variants of this include:
"Objection noted, moving on"
"Taken into account, moving on"
"Comment heard/seen, moving on"
Person 1: I think you're the worst person ever to live!
Person 2: Noted, moving on.
by A15kk April 09, 2013
Similar to the regular teabag, the polish teabag is where someone throws a grenade on the body of a player they just killed. The polish teabag got it's name because polish players commonly used this method of teabagging instead of the traditional method that is used more often.

The principle of the polish teabag is the same as that of the more well known teabag. It is a way of humiliating an opponent you just killed.
Gamer 1: Why did that guy just throw a grenade on my body lol

Gamer 2: It's his way of teabagging dude, it's called the polish teabag.
by A15kk December 23, 2012
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