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a sex move where a woman starts off by giving the man a hand job (shaking the bottle), then while the man is laying down inserts the penis into the vagina while the woman is still standing up and the penis is inserted the woman's vagina then begins to spin while the penis is still inside the vagina ( in the motion of twisting of a cap on a bottle).
My girl and I were tired of our old sex life and spiced thing up with the CockScrew
by A-Wall9 May 26, 2009
When a man cums on a womans breasts, and then slaps the sides and bottoms of the breasts, the sperm drops will bounce up and down.
I gave your sister a bunch of mexican jumping beans.
by A-Wall9 May 26, 2009
a mexican who has been reduced to eating dog food becuse of povirty.
i saw some dam el chihuahua in the alley just feasting on his dog chow
by a-wall9 October 16, 2009
when the back of your head becomes fat after a night of head banging against the headboard of a bed or wall.
i woke up this morning with the worst flathead dave drove me hard last night
by a-wall9 October 16, 2009
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