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someone who has fat pockets is rich, aka their pockets are so big from all the bills/notes/money they are carrying in them.

can also be fat pockets
wow how'd that bitch get so fat pocketed??

psh, she is a golddigga fo sho, look at her with that old fat pocket!

damn that dude is one fat pocket look at his new ferrari!
by A-Dogg to the Izzle December 11, 2005
American School in London

thats in england.

Where all the cool ppl go.
Im Israeli but i go to asl, and i have and Indian friend who goes there too. and canadians, but they dont count for nothing...
by A-Dogg to the Izzle January 10, 2006

A person, or gang of persons, who conviently live close to the american school in london and mug anyone they see from there. They are also known for the loud hanging out at starbucks when their school lets out and are know to clutter the Hampstead High Street at aprox. 4:30 - 6:30.

If you see one of these ppl and are a male - run away - they will chase and mug u, but try to avoid this. if of the female variety and the gang are male be sure u are not wearing a skirt and anything revealing as this will lead to annoying abuse and comments. girls will also tend to annoy.

"shit cant those bitches just take my cellphone and leave me alone???"
by A-Dogg to the Izzle January 10, 2006
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