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Someone with big hair like me
That guy is just so Afrolicious.
by A September 18, 2003
Money- as in Federal Reserve Note
I can't go out tonight cause I ain't got no federals
by a March 30, 2004
an archiac and insulting word that people from other countries use to describe americans.
"hey, that makes u a yank."

"eat shit fuckhead."
by a February 12, 2004
Bad, horrible, shitty, awful.

Tony didn't help us with our group project at all-all of the info that he gave us was BUNKASS.

What a waste of my day! That's so bunkass!
by A March 06, 2005
an expression used to convey happiness and/or satisfaction and accomplishment
"Bamsalabam! I so got an A on that test!"
by A December 13, 2004
wimp plus wuss equal wump
Jeff is a wump that goes to bed at 7:30pm
by A March 28, 2004
The combination of input and output, as in a person's interaction with a computer.
We analyzed the transput that occurred between the web site and the user.

This conversation has a lot of transput.

On a scale of transput, his communications are decidedly ouput-heavy.
by A December 06, 2001

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