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1. A pretty sweet nickname.
2. Something that kills husbands.
1. My dad always used to call me grasshopper or widowmaker.. I don't know why.

2. The FBI caught Mrs. Rutabaga in a sting, the hitman she thought she was talking to wasn't a bonafide widomaker.
by 9000cc February 18, 2005
Sex act predominantly performed on women.. a combination of the black art of cunnilingus and the old standby fingerbanging (aka fingering). Named for the finger licking tandem once made famous by an advertising campaign for fast food. Also see KFC.
Selma Blair: Did I tell you about the fried chicken Christopher served last night??
Gossip Girl: No!!!
Selma Blair: It was fantastic!
Gossip Girl: You are lucky to have a such a Crotch Colonel.

Lady: Mmmmm that fried chicken was some good finger lickin.
by 9000cc February 18, 2009

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