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The all out war between the two most advanced consoles to date. One of which is made by microsoft and the other made by their nemisis sony. Both consoles are great although many predict that the PS3 will outperform the Xbox 360. On the other hand the Xbox 360 is cheaper and has been released earliar. It's hard to tell which will be more popular although i personally will be on the side of PS3 purely because i already have a PS2 and i want to still be able to play my old games.
Xbox 360 fanboy: "So...have you heard of this whole 'Xbox 360 vs PS3' thing?"
PS3 fanboy: "Yep"
Xbox 360 fanboy: "I guess this means we're enemies now"
PS3 fanboy: "i suppose so"
Xbox 360 fanboy: "i'll get the duelling pistols"
by 90% Pure Gelatin January 06, 2006
An mp4 (MPEG-4) is a file format which can contain audio and/or video. They are smaller and of higher quaility than mp3's and absorb many of the features of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 adding additional 3D rendering and advanced interactivity. Overall mp4's are good but unfortunately it seems that very few people know what they are and even fewer people know what they do. I've heard others describe them as "downloaded videos",this is a fairly good description allthough they have other uses beyond being downloaded.
I tried to convert Team America: World Police from .avi to .mp4 so it would go on my new iPod using Total Video Converter. It took frickin' ages!
by 90% Pure Gelatin October 27, 2005
File format for films and videos which are designed around Apples Quicktime player. Not particularly mainstream and overall unpopular.
I downloaded a .mov video from the internet and played it using Quicktime media player.
by 90% Pure Gelatin October 27, 2005
The AICW (Advanced Infantry Combat Weapon) is a new rifle being designed by the Australians to compete with the OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon). It is based around an F88, an upgraded version of the brilliant Steyr AUG rifle. It fires 5.56mm NATO rounds from a 30 round box magazine and has been teamed up with a futuristic grenade launcher mounted above the barrell. The grenade launcher is made by Metal Storm and incorporates a new 3 round tubular magazine which stacks three 40mm grenades end-on-end to allow for multiple shots being fired in quick succesion. This design means that you have to reload a lot less often although it does complicate the projectile. The 40mm grenades are caseless and require electronic detonation. This unfortunately means that if the weapon has no power it will be incapable of launching grenades. This, however, is'nt the only problem with the design. The weapon is considerably large and has already been called too heavy. In my opinion the design and mechanics need to be revised before the Australians attempt to sell the weapon overseas. Luckily they don't intend to fully integrate the weapon into their armed forces until around 2010 so the chances are it will have changed drastically before then.
Some stuck up Texan military general: "The Objective Individual Combat Weapon is the most advanced rifle on the planet."

Some Australian military general who has only just realised that the OICW is infinitely cooler than the AICW: "STRUTH!"
by 90% Pure Gelatin October 27, 2005
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