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Originally a famous producer well known for his work with such artists as Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado and others.

In late 2006 striking similarities were noticed between a Nelly Furtado song "Do It" (produced by Timbaland) and a demoscene-originated tune called "Acid Jazzed Evening".
The original version of "Acid Jazzed Evening" was released by a finnish musician Janne Suni aka Tempest in 2000. Another musician, GRG, later produced an authorised remix of the tune.

While it is strongly believed by a number of independent experts that a copyright infringement took place, it is still to be proven or disproven in court. You can make your own decision if you listen to both tracks in comparison (easily to be found on the net).

Anyway, since the facts emerged, "to timbaland" and "to timbalift" both became synonyms of stealing or ripping off.
1. Yo dawg, where'd ya timaba'd that shit from ?

2. Fuck you, bitch! No way i aint timbalandin' dat, nigga! Dem cops are securin' dat shit!
by 8o September 03, 2007

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