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2 definitions by 8D

When a guy is having rough sex with a girl doggystyle, raises both arms in the air and yells "FREEEEEEEEEDOOOOMMMMM!!!!" as he busts a nut.
Damn, he epic mounted her ass last night...
by 8D August 29, 2006
...a complete group of people who think they are better then preps and think their shit dont stink... guys like girl punks becuase they are complete whores and like to wear black fish nets and skirts way up their ass...most of them dont care what people think of them. most of the girls are frumps and think they can get any guy becuase they think they are sexy even though they are gross and guys just like them becuase they are easy. they think they have a good sense of style...but they just look stupid and people make fun of them..but unless of course you are a punk then they think they are the shit...the guys carry around pocket knives...and like to cut themselves...they listen to satanic music and go around hurting peoples feelings but when you turn around and hurt theirs they cry their little black eyeliner eyes out and turn emo...look up emo....but of course if you are a cool punk and listen to sweet music and dont do that kinda of stuff then you are sweet...

but of course there are SOME exceptions
ali and her friends...
by 8D July 08, 2005