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one of the many many heroin and crack addicted whores who patrol up and down kensington ave in north philadelphia soliciting drivers for prostitution
slow down your gonna hit a kensington hooker
by 700leveldrunk November 28, 2007
verb. to be slimed. is when a prison inmate saves his shit and piss in a small cup or container and leaves it sit for any amound of time until it ferments into a fecal coctail and launches at the corrections officers within vacinity of his cell.....
C.O.: go it with your shield up or you're gonna get slimed!!!
by 700leveldrunk November 28, 2007
while doing 40 to 50 mph down small one way philly streets filled with crackheads and shoeless children you quickly tap the breaks and look both ways without slowing down at the stop signs posted every 40 yards at each intersection in philly. its also a good idea to honk your horn between and during each stop sign to alert children/crackheads/ opposing traffic of your oncoming car. dont worry about cops they do the same thing and dont bother pulling people over for traffic offenses anyway.
hey skip the philly rolling stop at the next sign i gotta dump out this dutchie.
by 700leveldrunk November 28, 2007
one of the many bums in philly who in the winter time stretches him/herself out on one of the many metal grates in center city with continuous streams of steam coming out of them in order to keep from freezing to death.
hey, that philly steamer want some change, should i give him some? nah....
by 700leveldrunk November 28, 2007
an eagles fan is one of the most dangerous people you will ever meet. dont dare get caught talking shit on the eagles in front of him/her or expect a punch in the face or a bottle over the head. the only thing more dangerous than an eagles fan is a large group of them, especially while intoxicated. anyone who has attended an eagles game in philly wearing an opposing team's gear will tell you it was the worst mistake of thier life, and that walking onto the 700 level of The Vet with that jersey on was like walking through the gates of hell. eagles fans are known around the league as some of the worst and most feared, by fans AND players. several teams, as well as santa claus himself have been pelted unmercifully by fans with snowballs packed with ice and batteries. if you ever find yourself face to face with an eagles fan just give them a snappy "Go Birds!" and be on your way, anything else is suicide.
hey, look at that eagles fan beating the shit outta that dumb fuck with the cowboys jersey on.
by 700leveldrunk November 28, 2007
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