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Honda is a car company that made some pretty good cars. From the 80's to 2000, I think they were great. Now I'm not really into them.
Now this is for the ignorant fucktards:
There is nothing wrong with Hondas. Hondas are reliable and if tuned right, they can produce very good results. Not all Hondas are riced, and some are true beasts. However, I can understand where everyone comes from with what they say. The problem with Honda owners is that the 98% of them rice them out like no other or think their car is the shit. The other 1% is an elite group of tuners who know what the fuck they're doing.
My Honda looks stock but runs 8's. Your Honda looks like shit and it's still stock under the hood...ricer fag.

by 634634 December 06, 2006

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