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An area in Tower Hamlets that is over-populated by Bengalis...which makes it the finest place of London's eastend...however, due to the gradual increase in Somalian people, this may not be so becos nobody likes Smellians...
"sling yer 'ook outta Stepney u fackin Smellians"
by 5m0k3y June 17, 2007
the 'finest' area of London's eastend...over-populated by Bengali's...hold's BrickLane, Spitafields and all those other places you'll only ever find white faces in...where have the paki's gone?
Tower Hamlets is better than Hackney.
by 5m0k3y June 17, 2007
A new up and coming female MC in the UK, often compared to Missy Elliot for her tom boyishness.
"it's lyyyyyyyykez!!!" - by lady lykez
by 5m0k3y June 17, 2007

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