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East coast is populated with the most fake, ignorant , overweight , redneck/hillbilly people, at least in the hip-hop community. Motha fuckas think they shit dont stink , come to cali and get yo ho card pulled. Poeple go about they daily lives tryin to be somethin they aint and fools like Nas , 50 promote that shit. Fools wearin every color of the damn rainbow haha ,trickin for dem hoes and dont get me started on the stuck up ass bitches, them NY bitches lookin like FANTASIA ON CRACK these days. So go ahead buy dat pussy and smoke that stress we aint mad at cha.
Fools wearin dickies wit tims get they ass whooped and the shit look stupid anyway stick to yall fubu and punkass sean john east coast. Killa Cali said it C's up
by 5150187 January 14, 2008

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