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16 definitions by 50 cent

(Tell a person to leave)
If you don't like somebody just tell them beat it
by 50 Cent March 23, 2003
Anson Pham's massive chest
by 50 cent March 31, 2003
n. - The combination of booty, dick, and pussy.
Damn, it smells like boodussy up in this room.
by 50 Cent March 22, 2003
shiznik does not meen a gangster it is sumthing that is awsome!!!
Yo dat cars the shiznik!!
by 50 cent May 11, 2003
A pimp from Beantown that gets all the hoes on da block;plus runs his school, otherly known as "Da shit"
That pimp over thurr is makin it happen he's "Da shit"!!
by 50 Cent November 14, 2003
a "unit" refers to a man's penis.
Damn, that foo jas a big unit.
by 50 Cent March 07, 2005
The only real chain there is worn by Richard P.
That Lexus chain was 3000 dollas
by 50 Cent April 12, 2004