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Shitskabob= The surprise on the end of your penis after butt lovin
Uhh, honey, maybe next time you should drop a deuce before we have butt lovin because you just gave me a shitskabob
by 4th-axis June 25, 2009
Turdbegone= the secret ingredient in all Chinese food
Dont eat at that Chinese restaurant, the use an excessive amount of turdbegone in their recipes. You will on the toilet within 30 minutes
by 4th-axis June 25, 2009
Extremely stinky puss
Man, they say that girl has ESP.

Oh really, she can see the future?
No dumbass, she has an Extremely Stinky Puss!
by 4th-axis June 25, 2009
Slang term for erectile dysfunction
Man, I was going to tear it up but I got a case of the Irish peter. You know, when you go to stick it in, it goes to Dublin.
by 4th-axis April 30, 2009

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