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A noun to describe one who judges with extreme bias. One who sees god's judgement inferior. This is due to the poser-inhabited town of Stamford, Connecticut. You can usually find a Stamford at Stamford High School, one of the many failing schools in Connecticut. Many people have noticed that trends in other states seem to start in Connecticut three years after their popularity. The biggest influence on the creation of a Stamford is the reality TV show, Jersey Shore. A Stamford can usually be seen sagging cheap skinny jeans and wearing fake polos and snapbacks hats. Many Stamfords cannot survive alone, for they are weak and unintelligent. That is why a Stamford is almost always seen in small groups consisting of 3-6 other Stamfords. Common belief is that there is always an alpha male or female in these groups. It is quite easy to spot one because the underlings always seem to cling to him/her.
NOTE: Stamfords have no knowledge of any actual trends or memes.
John: "Hey James, whats up?"
James: "Not much...wtf r u wearing?"
John: "Oh these? I spent mad cash on these clothes, $800!"
James: "O rly? I bet that $2 pricetag cost $2 then, huh?
John: "...umm yeah...hehe..."
James: "You're such a Stamford"
John: "What's that?"
James: *facepalm*
by 4chanisgreaterthantumblr January 19, 2012

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