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a piss that has the cum you didnt spit in your bitch in it
Man last night after i fucked shelia, i had a massive cum pee.
by 420blazendude January 13, 2008
A joint or blunt rolled so big that no other words can describe its size.
Holy fuck man, that L is a humonster!
Whooo its a humonster!
by 420blazendude January 25, 2008
The stick that ugly bitches get hit with when they are young, resulting in extreme ugliness of the bitch, and then resulting in lesbians like Rosie O'Donnell(fat bitch).
Dude that hoe i met last night was so ugly, it looked like her daddy hit her with a shit stick before she was born!
by 420blazendude January 17, 2008
Weed, pot, marijuana, grass, etc........
Yo, the green beans good?
by 420blazendude January 25, 2008

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