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When someone has been using a tablet, ipad, and or any other sort of touch-screen, they get so used to using one and having a screen respond to their touch, they will go to any computer trying to touch it, and then usually spend a minute or two trying to find out why its "broken".
Guy#1: Dude, can i see your computer?
Guy#2: Yeah sure, just dont break it.
Guy#1: Hey, whats wrong with your screen? Did it break?
Guy#2: What are you going on about? its perfectly fine!
Guy#1: It won't respond to my touch! it must be broken.
Guy#2: Its not broken you helpless git, it isn't a touch- screen!
Guy#1: Oh! That explains it....
Guy#2: Dude! You must have touch-screen syndrome!
#illness #computer #touch-screen #screen #technology
by 3Quantum3 December 27, 2011
The most amazing superhero on the planet who technically cant actually be called "super" as he doesnt have any actual powers. Of course, he makes up for that with his butt kicking martial art style, and amazing gadjets. for some reason, he is the most popular hero next to superman, and somehow ALWAYS wins. he is also usually 3-5 steps ahead of everyone he has ever fought. He is the BEST hero ever. BATMAN!!!!!
OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! Batman just saved the planet again by punching the alien mother in the face and then planting a bio-bomb for that specific species of unknown alien that he made in his cave and then put in his toolbelt to use for later!!!!! He is quite possibly the most amazing person in all of existence!!!!!!! GO BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!
#hero #awesome #batman #coo #l amazing #impossible #man #bat
by 3Quantum3 November 09, 2011
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