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That sweet wet hole we all crave, can't go for too long with out, center of our life's desire, what gives woman the upper hand in almost every situation - PUSSY! (Gotta have it!)
There's oarnge tang, and there's grape tang, but there's no tang like POON TANG!
by 38 Caliber Kimo April 05, 2003
A person who is both a JACK ASS and an ASS HOLE
Pull your head out of your ass, you fuckin' Jack Hole!
by 38 Caliber Kimo April 02, 2003
Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease. It make your pussy smell like rotten clams, and your pussy lips get hard like clam shells.
My wife want a divorce because I gave her CHLAMYDIA. Who cares anyhow. Her pussy stinks and she's really starting to chafe my dick.
by 38 Caliber Kimo April 03, 2003
Big floppy lips that look like raw liver.

DAG! Oprah lost a lot of weight, except for her LIVER LIPS"!

by 38 Caliber Kimo April 02, 2003
That fucked up canned meat, nobody knows what it's made of. I'll tell you :
Melvin went to a Hawiian place and ordered SPAM, so the guy blew a wod in his ham sandwich, and charged him $6.75.
by 38 Caliber Kimo April 07, 2003
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