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A city with a population of approximately 205,000, almost 300,000 if you add the Valley, Conservative in politics, citizens will constantly boast about how they're better than Seattle and how, "The Coast" sucks, even though Seattleites hardly acknowledge Spokane's existence and going to Seattle is a big deal for most people in Spokane as it's a 4 and a half hour drive.

Hot 95-100 degree weather in the Summer, and -5 to 10 degree weather in the winter.

We get Some awesome concerts here every now and than.

Sub-Par public education, two community colleges, 2 universities (4 if you include the EWU and WSU Riverpoint campuses) and a whole shit-load of High schools.

Known for Drugs, Wannabe Gangstas, Carjacking Russians, a decent downtown park, some pretty good malls, cheap housing, and close proximity to "Outdoor Activities"

And honestly none of our neighborhoods are really that bad, Hilyard, West Central, East Spokane/Lower South Hill may be run down shitholes but your chances of being mugged are pretty slim.

Nicknames include: Spokompton, Spoklahoma, Spokanistan, Spokansas, Spokandyland, Sposcow, Spokemphetamine, Spokangeles, and Spok-a-loo.

In all Spokane is an Ok place to live, I'm sure as hell not staying here though.
Spokanite: Man Fuck Seattle! it's all about the 509!!

Seattleite: Spokane? isn't that in Idaho?

Russian#1: Hey Olav did you see that 95' Civic roll by down on Sprague?

Russian#2: Vladimir at the local chop shop's gonna like that
by 360lympia4Life October 13, 2011

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