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The opposer of Pujeebus, Manasa distorts sticks beyond repair. Sticks scream in agony as they suddenly grow eyes, mouths, ears, hair, feet and/or hands.
Oh my God, she mutated Stickney!
by 343GS September 28, 2003
1. Acting especially cat-like
2. Acting like the preceived stereotype of your race
a. Wow, that cat is so fisky- look at it scratch me. Ouch.
b. That Mexican dude is so fisky, that he is wearing a poncho and sombrero!
by 343GS September 01, 2003
The god of the sticks, Pujeebus rules over Stick World. He has sent his son, Stickley, to teach all sticks to fight, hate, and destroy. Pujeebus lives, works, and gets around in a cloud which is operated by a single joy-stick.
"Now Stawn, follow Pujeebus, and you will make it to one of the good Stick Recycling Plants when you are destroyed by another stick."
by 343GS September 28, 2003
A two dimmensional figure that lives in Stick World. All the sticks are supposed to worship Pujeebus, but some go to the dark side and worship Manasa. These sticks are converted into sporks. The faithful sticks, who are eventually destroyed by another stick, are converted into new sticks. This is achieved by a Stick Recycling Plant. Pisky Mo, and his cat, Firsky, pick up the spent sticks and dump them into the recyling plant. The plant then makes stick babies. A stick baby learns the art of violence by age 2, at which point it turns three and loses it's baby-feet.
A stick that's alive is a stick that hasn't lived very long at all.
by 343GS September 28, 2003
The savior of the Minkies, Pisky Mo believs that a minky has the same rights as any other creature created by Pujeebus.
Pisky Mo was protesting outside of the Minky sanctuary, as Stickley's faithful minions fire-bombed it.
by 343GS September 28, 2003
This stick goes to bed at 2:00 PM, wears glasses, and worships Mother. Sticklin is the weakest stick. He believes that he is a good fighter, but KILLBOT 5000 has proved this wrong, and so have many cats.
"Oh, fiddlesticks! It's bed time!", says Sticklin as he sees the afternoon sun, high in the sky.
by 343GS December 01, 2003
(Opposite of Fisky)
1. Not acting cat-like
1. Not acting like your preceived stereotype.
a. That misky cat is just standing there, not scratching, sleeping, or chasing anything!
b. That Asian dude can't read or write- how misky of him.
by 343GS September 01, 2003
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