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someone being extremely weak or flimsy. Can also refer to the weakest hand in poker (a 7 and a 2)
I can't believe you dropped the vase, you're so filmzy
by 337 October 13, 2004
most basically means "excuse me". taken from the movie "Mafia!" in the scene where hes pulling his mom's finger and she says excuse me in an italian accent
Scuzzie Mama! I need to get through.
by 337 October 13, 2004
a little nugget or marijuana saved from a larger nug. No certain size is necessary for a piece of weed to be refered to as a little bit. A little bit just has to be a piece that was broken off a bigger piece and is being saved for later
Hey Billy did you save a little bit for later?
by 337 October 13, 2004

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