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An over used word for Prog Metal, for bands like Meshuggah and The no talent band Periphery. Its not a genre, its a onomonopia for the sound the guitar makes when palm muted through high gain overdriven amplification. Its nothing new, just rehash of something thats been around and people are trying to reinvent something that doesn't need reinventing. And its an excuse to Detune your Guitar as low as you can, turn the volume and gain up and just "CHUG" on the lowest note on your guitar endlessly and call it music and talent. Most of these bands use 8 strings and sometimes 7 but detuned like 8. And like most clamoring genres like this they try to say that other bands like Animals as Leaders are Djent too for using an 8 string but they are nothing alike and actually play music and are the definition of original which Djentards aren't. Animals as Leaders is considered Prog metal but are also Jazz Fusion Metal as well. They never claimed to be Djent or apart of it. Sadly they use all 8 strings on their guitars , Djent bands usually stick with the 3 lowest strings, really they should just play bass guitar through there muddy line 6 amps instead and save peoples time of reinventing metal and extended range guitars that aren't used correctly.
Meshuggah and Periphery and a bunch of other bands no one ever heard of but yet are so great for "originality" of Djent and Djenting.
by 31FFI03 February 14, 2013

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